The True “Suite” Life with Ready Stays!

Welcome to the world of Ready Stays – where hospitality meets hilarity and inconvenience is as extinct as a dodo! Digging into the realm of monthly furnished rentals & extended stay apartments can feel like wrestling an alligator in the everglades – but not with Ready Stay!

Set in the pulsing heart of Tampa, FL, we offer ‘Ready Stays Corporate Suites’ – our answer to those humdrum corporate hotel rooms that could make even a Zen monk tense. Our month-to-month rentals are roomier than a politician’s promises, offering that warm, comfy feel only your grandmother’s house can beat.

Short term housing? Check! Huge corporate suites? You bet! Monthly furnished rentals? All in! Each place is so well-appointed that you might forget it’s not your permanent home. And although we warn against trying to fit the sofa in your suitcase, we promise you a stay so enjoyable that you’ll book your next stay during your current one!

So, pack those bags, bids adieu to the ordinary, and step into the extraordinary world of Ready Stays – where every stay is a story waiting to be told.