Ultimate Guide to Exploring Cheektowaga, Lancaster, Snyder, East Amherst, and Clarence, NY

Friendly folks at GreenKnight Landscaping frequently find themselves searching for fun and interesting activities in the communities they serve. And guess what? They’ve found some treasures to share with you.

Commercial Landscaping in Cheektowaga and Lancaster, NY

While traveling to our commercial landscaping clients in Cheektowaga and Lancaster, we always make a point to stop at a well-known local park. Stiglmeier Park in Cheektowaga offers a wonderful blend of nature activities and sporting facilities for those seeking outdoor fun. Its 308 acres include kid-friendly play areas, lovely picnic spots, and stunning hiking trails. Don’t miss the experience!

In Lancaster, we recommend visiting the Hull Family Home & Farmstead, a living history museum offering a glimpse into the past. This 1810 house and farm site features interpretive tours, programs, and reenactments that bring history to life.

Residential Landscaping in Snyder and East Amherst, NY

On our Snyder and East Amherst stops, the charm of local bureaucracy leads us to Amherst State Park, a peaceful green space offering miles of walking trails, captivating wildlife, and impressive seasonal foliage. Perfect for a quiet stroll or a family picnic. Don’t forget to check out their event calendar!

If you’re in East Amherst, a visit to Glen Oak Golf Course can’t be missed! While we enjoy creating beautiful landscapes, we understand the appeal of a well-manicured golf course. Whether you’re an avid golfer or a newbie to the sport, you’ll appreciate the stunning vistas and spacious fairways here.

Experiencing the Vibrancy of Amherst and Clarence, NY

In Amherst, we recommend the Buffalo Niagara Heritage Village, an open-air museum that offers an authentic look at the history of the region. Get lost in the 19th century as you explore the carefully preserved, historical homes and buildings.

Finally, in Clarence, don’t miss exploring the Clarence Pathways, a beautiful trail network perfect for cycling, walking, and inline skating. Spend an afternoon here and you’ll understand why we at GreenKnight Landscaping are so passionate about creating beautiful outdoor spaces.

When it comes to fostering a sense of local community, GreenKnight Landscaping is proud to be at the forefront, providing high-quality commercial and residential landscapes in these exceptional NY towns.