AC Services By Turner & Schoel: Your One-Stop Solution

Dealing with an old, inefficient air-conditioning system is no small feat. It can truly test anyone’s comfort and patience. That’s where Turner & Schoel can turn the tide. We are not just a company, we are your neighbors, ready to assist you in Samantha, Cottondale, Northport, and Tuscaloosa, AL.

Efficient AC Installation and Replacement

Is your old AC unit groaning under the summer season’s pressure? Perhaps, it’s time for an AC replacement. We offer swift and efficient AC installation services, ensuring you can enjoy a cooler environment at an affordable price.

24 Hour AC Repair Service

Does your AC unit decide to breakdown at the most inopportune times? Fear not! Our 24 Hour AC repair service ensures that you’re never left in the lurch. Come rain or shine, our team of experts is always ready to get your AC up and running again.

In addition to our repair services, we also offer regular AC services to keep those pesky repair costs low and your comfort high. Trust us to care for your AC system as much as you do, and experience the difference in your cooling comfort.