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Founded over 90 years ago, C. Albert Matthews has been serving the Saint Michaels community with exceptional and trustworthy heating, cooling, and plumbing solutions. Our customers appreciate our dedication to delivering excellent service conducted by licensed professionals. If you are in search of reliable heating, cooling, or plumbing services in Saint Michaels, we are here for you.

Why Choose C. Albert Matthews?

We understand the importance of maintaining a comfortable home and business environment, regardless of the season. Our team of licensed professionals provide timely repair, maintenance and installation services using cutting-edge technology. With C. Albert Matthews, you can rest assured that you are receiving the best service in town.

Your Comfort Is Our Priority

Our commitment to our clients’ comfort and satisfaction drives everything we do. Whether it’s a minor repair or a major installation project, every engagement with C. Albert Matthews aims to provide the utmost in efficiency, reliability, and professional service. Join the multitude of happy customers who have experienced the greatness of working with us today.