Too Hot to Handle: Why Your A/C Might be on the Fritz

If you’re in Jacksonville, Fleming Island, Middleburg, Macclenny, Sanderson, or Ponte Vedra Beach, you know the Florida heat is no joke! And nothing can put a damper on your day quicker than a broken A/C.

Imagine, it’s a hot summer day. You’ve just wrapped up an intense home workout session and are ready for a cool down. Kicking your tired feet up on the table, you press the magic button on your remote to summon a blast of icy cold air. But alas, you’re greeted with the humid despair of silence. It could be a simple Air Conditioning repair, or maybe, just maybe, your ol’ reliable A/C is belting out its swan song.

But don’t you worry! Our team at Hammond Heating & Air Conditioning is ready to serve you up with a chilly gust of relief in no time! Our expertise includes Heat Pump Repair and A/C Installation, to ensure your home stays as cool as a cucumber. And, we also offer a regular Air Conditioning Maintenance service to save you from any more sweaty surprises in the future. Let us handle the heat, while you keep your cool.